About us


My name is Artem Smolyuk, I am from Russia, Vyatskie Polyany City. My life has been associated with birds of prey since 1998. It all started with the first meeting with them in childhood when I was 8 y.o., on the pages of a book donated by parents. Then since some years I mastered trapping of goshawks in various ways for a dozen years, now I am engaged in the manufacture of ammunition for birds of prey, mainly with hoods.

Blocks which I use for making hoods

In most of cases I use C.Proctor blocks and make hoods on them. I own a half of a set and make hood sizes from male peregrine up to big female gyr.

Also I have blocks of Richard Anderson which he constructed back in 70-s and uses them till now. I like their shape also, they are smart in fitting birds. R.Anderson paid much attention to creating right length width height of the hood.

Also at the moment I change shape of blocks that I have in order to achieve forms that I think is really nice for birds. In my mind, every falconer should have a hood which bird will not take off and in which the bird will be able to cast safely.